Kris Gethin’s DTP – Day 9

After work I wanted to go to a different gym. I texted the guy, and he said he was going to call his co-workers to allow me to come in. I drive their and sat in the parking lot waiting for confirmation. I got nothing. Great… I continue to sit a couple of more minutes hoping that I would get a text. My pre-workout is kicking in. I’m itching. I’m scratching my face off. Forget this.

I drive to Giant Fitness again, and it’s crowded. Luckily, no one was using the machines that I needed to use. I notice people looking at me, but I don’t care. I need to get this done or else I’m just going to be scratching myself annoyed. I open up my app and look at what I did last week. I decided to do pyramids this time instead of sticking to one weight set the whole way through. My legs are dying.

The person next to me is moaning. It’s annoying me. I continue on with my workout. People are looking at me. Probably wondering why I’m still at the same machine for the past hour. It’s okay. I’m just following what I need to do. After I was done, my legs were so wobbly. Walking up the stairs felt so heavy. I wanted to laugh so bad because in a way it felt amazing.

I need gym clothes. Gym clothes are expensive. I wear the same gym clothes everyday. Don’t worry. I wash them, but I would to invest in some clothes eventually after I get a new wardrobe first.



Rest, but don’t rest. Really? I could hardly sleep last night. I probably was sleeping really awkward because my legs were just hurting. I looked at what today’s “rest” day consisted of and it looks like I was supposed to do HITT cardio or just brisk walking. Great. Not only that, I woke up late. Bummer.

I’m at work walking around looking like some robot with an awkward zombie pose. Doesn’t help when customers are walking through the door and I’m in the back of the store doing a thriller walk towards them.

Upon further research, it looks like it’s actually a good thing I’m in pain. Looks like my body is going into some kind of chaos mode which is basically adapting my body so I’m able to handle heavier workouts. Sounds like I’m going through transformations each time I work out. When I look at it that way, I’m excited!

So my goal after work is to hit up the gym real quick to do intervals on the elliptical before I head out to eat with a bunch of friends!



I honestly thought I was going to be able to wake up to head to the gym. I really wanted to do my cardio intervals. The moment I got out of bed to step on the floor, I could feel my legs. Wow. I guess when your sore in your lower body you know you did a good workout. Despite me not being able to do heavy weights, I’m happy that I feel hurt.

I went to the bathroom only to find myself walking myself back to bed. Forget this. Off I went to go back to sleep. 9 hours of sleep felt amazing! I guess I was just so tired from the day before.

I’m supposed to be eating organic food. Not sure if I just should just order a smoothie though for today. I wanted to do a 24 hour water fast, but can’t yet because tomorrow my friend’s are treating me out as a late birthday treat. So, I’m not trying to overload when breaking a fast too quickly.


How many times will it take to get to the center of the tootsie pop?

That was an old commercial that aired a long while ago. I never really understood it, and I still don’t understand it. But in a way, you can look at it as persistence.

We all know that achieving our dreams does not happen overnight. Rome was not built overnight. Athletes who become great and celebrities who become stars didn’t just happen overnight. They failed. They failed, but they kept trying. They tried different angles. They tried different strategies. No matter what they persisted on breaking through in doing things that most people wouldn’t do. We could do the things that great people could, but we prefer not to. We give up the moment we experience failure.

I, myself, give up. I expect results to happen immediately and when I do not get what I want. I tend to quit. Yet the beauty of being persistent is that you feel like you are one step closer. One step closer to becoming truly amazing. I wake up every single day knowing that just one more step allows me to reach where my own eyes can’t see. So if you’re struggling and if you feel like you are about to give up. Don’t. I haven’t so neither should you. I have experienced so much in life and to this day I am grateful that I am able to breathe. Breathing allows me to know that I still have a chance to accomplish something. To either make a difference within myself or to those around me.

Dear Future Self: Surrendering

Dear Future Self,

It’s me again…

Since the last time I wrote you, I think I managed to get a hold of things. I guess you probably forgot that you got lectured by your boss. I didn’t realize that I am so depressed. I thought that I was okay, but apparently other people can sense it that it was affecting my work progress. Crazy huh?

My boss is very worried and he’s worried to bring me on as a partner in the business if I’m not getting back to my old self. I guess I can’t really handle my emotions well. I ended up crying. Shameful…

Today, I managed to complete most of my todo list. I’m not sure what music you’re listening to, but just in case you ever feel down… listen to Big Bad Voodoo Daddy. I’m not sure what kind of music it is. It could be swing. It could be jazz. Either way, it uplifts me. It makes me want to dance.

I’m done making excuses for why our life is the way it is. No worries though. I’m taking action little by little. I guess any kind of action is better than not doing anything at all which is why I continue to write.

Make sure to never skip a workout whenever times are getting difficult. That’s what I’ve done and doesn’t actually help. If you can manage to just get up and go for a run, you’ll feel a lot better.

My boss says that I am constantly trading things and selling things to get other stuff because I’m looking for a quick fix on obtaining happiness. It was such an eye opener that I never thought of that behavior. I guess what I’m looking to do now is try to obtain happiness without binging on food and buying materialistic things. After all, it’s not really helping me financially and the burden is getting heavier.

Life is a puzzle. Well that’s how I want to view it at this moment. It’s a massive jigsaw piece that I’m trying to piece together. I’m going to be experimenting and experiencing new things hopefully. Whatever piece I do not want, then I’m going to toss it away. I probably won’t make sense by the time you read this, but it makes sense to me at this present moment.

Whatever you are doing…. don’t give up.

To Weigh or Not to Weigh Yourself

So I’m not sure if it’s because I ate earlier or what, but I decided to weigh myself for whatever reason it may of been. I was disappointed. I was disappointed to see that my weight went back up. I’m not sure if it’s because of the muscle mass I’ve been gaining or maybe it’s because I just ate. Who knows.. but what I do know is that people go through this everyday especially when we are all trying to hit a goal.

I mean we been constantly working out, and constantly trying to achieve our goals only to find a single number to determine what we should feel and determine our self worth. Personally, I don’t think I should ever look at a scale again. It’s really a matter of how I feel inside. If I feel great then why should I let anything or anyone say anything different?

Maybe that’s just me… but if you were in the same situation what do you do? How do you determine your worth in this world?

Freeletics – Day 18 – Running With the Wind

Last night, I decided to go back to running while doing my body weight training. I thought that I would be exhausted and would have to start all over again, but I was wrong.

Today, I took my friend to work and I decided to do my running again around the neighborhood. I had to do a 4k run this time, and thought I wouldn’t be able to do it. Honestly, I thought that I would be tired from running last night, and I never done a 4K run just yet.

To my surprise, I was still able to breathe just fine while completing my run. I think I’m getting used to running. I’m starting to enjoy running. I used to listen to music while running, but I find myself just listening to podcasts. I like enjoying the weather outside when I’m out on a run. I used to get paranoid when people drive by and see me but I don’t care anymore.

I”m just trying to figure out if people run in the rain or when it snows. If you’re the person who has done that before and have some tips. Please share in the comments below.

500 Word Blog per Day

So I’ve been practically reading one book per day. It’s amazing how much I can finish in such a short of time. I usually get my books from Amazon Kindle and I have to say it’s so much better than taking the time to drive to the library all the time. Don’t get me wrong, I love paperback books. But there’s something about being able to carry my iPad and carry multiple books at time to read. That’s not the point to this blog.
I’m big on personal development, and even though I have yet to improve on many areas of my life; I can’t help but feel motivated to better myself. So that’s what this blog is about. It’s me trying to create a better habit that I can implement automatically without me thinking about it. My blogs have become short, and I never really keep track of how many words I’m typing per blog. So I’m going to try to make it consistent in the beginning stage. If I can somehow manage to make 500 words per day, then I can say that I’ll be improving a lot more along the way.
Other than that, I’m doing well. I got a stable job finally and I got promoted within 2 months. My goal is for me to get promoted even more. I honestly love this job. I love talking to customers especially the ones who love to talk with you as well. In my downtime, I usually spend it bettering myself. Most of the time you’ll find me just reading on my iPad. I think I got bored of Netflix. The only times I spend watching is when my absolute favorite shows are on. The same thing happened when I used to love playing games.
I’m not sure what happened along the way, but eventually I just stopped playing games. Don’t get me wrong… I play games once in a while, but I don’t play them hours at a time like I used to. Slowly Netflix will fade out, and books has become a big part of my life. I’m not sure if I could call myself an avid reader. It is in my hopes though that I an start working on my blogs and working on social media more along with my personal development. 
Even though I love to read so much, I won’t get anywhere with my business if I don’t start implementing something. I admit that I’m dealing with a lot right now in life. I admit that I made some mistakes in my life that I wish I could’ve changed. I can’t keep dwelling on the past. I’m focused on the present and the actions I can do at this moment that will better my future. 
It is in my hopes that I can do BeachBody again. I’m not really sure. BeachBody is really the only company that I’m interested when it comes to health and fitness. If you have any other suggestions on business ventures I can look into, please let me know.
Other than that, I thank you for reading.

Journey To $50,000 – Day 1

Listening to Tony Robbins audiobook while at the library. I am awaiting a phone call from a fitness facility stating they want to hire me after they speak to my references. As I’m listening, I have my composition book open writing down questions that I need to answer myself after some thought. I written down a schedule for me to do on a daily basis until I find a stable job. Once I get a stable job, then I will continue to modify my schedule.

What is it that I am trying to achieve? The more I start to produce action and the more I continue to learn, I feel like the answer will come to me.

I am nervous… maybe. I’m not really sure what I am feeling at this moment. I know that I definitely do not like my situation and struggling on a day to day basis. I know that there’s something out there. I know I’m destined for great things. My focus is creating my life. My focus is to achieve success by my own terms.

As I look at my schedule, it consists of:

3AM – Run

4AM – Calisthenics

5AM – Gym (weight training)

6AM – Miracle Morning

7AM – Chores

7:30AM – E-mails

8AM – Meditation

10AM – Read

3PM – Social Media

7PM – Interacting/Engage

9PM – Writing

10PM – Apply to Jobs

11PM – Articles

As I look more at my schedule, I start to question if I can really do this. How do I feel? What kind of feeling do I want to feel? I thought that by tackling anything and everything I would eventually find what it is that I wanted to do and what might work. But then I realized that I was losing focus. That by not focusing on a singular thing, I wouldn’t be able to achieve the success that I so desire.

3AM Head Start Ahead of Everyone

I woke up scared because I had set multiple alarms to wake me up at 3AM. I went to bed at 12AM and when I heard those alarms, I jumped out of my bed so fast and ran to every single one of them. Maybe I should buy more alarms so they can all go off, but then again I feel like my roommate my get upset.

Regardless, it is 4AM currently and I am listening to my “feel good” music as I type this blog. So far, I’m actually on a roll and feel great. I’m using this momentum to create the energy I need to complete my day. I know I won’t be going back to bed, and I have to go work an 8 hour shift before heading to Church today. I’m wondering how it will pan out…. I’m a little bit nervous because usually when I wake up around this time, I tend to go back to bed.

I’m thinking of developing an overwhelming feeling of not liking sleep at all. That the more I think about sleeping, the more I don’t want to do it. In effect, I’ll be able to sleep when it’s a necessity in order to continue my life’s activity. How much can I grow in this period of time? How much can I push myself before I hit my limits and capacity?

Here is the fresh start in implementing the habits that I need in my life.