This is Me

The fact that I am back here writing must mean that I’m doing something and I want you all to know. Not exactly. I decided to commit to trying finish my todo list. Actually, there’s so much that is happening in my life that I really can’t explain. I hope to share with you my journey as I go along. I’m just happy that I’m writing again. Sometimes we feel like we aren’t capable writers. We think that what we write won’t make sense and that no one would bother reading it. Honestly, I’m just tired of doing that.

I admit that I haven’t been doing my blogging the way I want it to. Actually, I’m not really sure if I am blogging correcting. More like, this is just my journal entry to remind me of what’s going on and keep things in perspective.

I been reading… well I been trying to read, but now is not the time to make excuses. I workout three times a day and I work 10 hours a day. I still have so much time left that I never really knew where my time has went. So here I am trying to make a daily planner. I am making a weekly planner and a monthly planner. I may not be able to tackle everything that I set out to do, but at least I can figure out what I should be doing at that exact moment.

Let me tell you something though… fasting. I fail at it repeatedly. I think today I managed to eat from 2PM to 6PM, but I ate Wendy’s and then my boss gave me pasta. Then again, I worked out 3x so maybe that would justify it. I really hope to see myself eating from 6PM-10PM instead because I tend to fall asleep if eat anything regardless of the portion size.

So I guess what I really want to tell myself is to not care about the opinion of others. Be free. Do me. Grow. Fail and learn from those failures.


Kris Gethin’s DTP – Day 17

Winter is coming!

That’s what I though a couple of days ago. Weather has been weird that it started feeling a little more like Spring the past couple of days. I’m not complaining.

I woke up around 4:30AM and knew I had to get my workout in. It didn’t help that I figured I could add another workout routine into my days where I work out in the morning and at night. Honestly, I feel drained. I’m not sure if it’s because of the music or what, but I just want to sleep. It feels like that’s all I been doing right when get off work. Who knew that just sitting around could be so exhausting.

So for today’s chests and back I used barbells instead of using dumbbells. I’m not sure why, but it feels like I’m a lot better doing bench presses. There cam a moment where I was doing so much reps and then all of a sudden, I couldn’t lift it. I slowly put it on my chest and tried to slide it off my body. Funny. Well to me at the time it was. I don’t keep track of any macros nor do I take protein shakes. All I use for my workouts are BCAAS and my preworkouts.

I love working out.

Kris Gethin’s DTP – Day 13

Cardio, cardio, cardio… Not.

I was supposed to do cardio, but instead I’m here telling you that I did not do anything for cardio. If anything, I managed to hit 10,000 steps. For the sake of just saying I tracked my workout in my app, I decided to say I did but will incorporate it tomorrow after my workout.

That’s the thing though. Sometimes we’re just way too strict with ourselves. I feel like if we were more accepting with what goes on and focus on what we can do at that moment, things would be a lot better. I mean Thanksgiving just passed and I ate a lot. I don’t think the eating was the bad part to be honest. It was honestly the soda that I had. Yes, that’s right. I had “4” cans of soda and I’m not proud of myself. Which brings me to the question on what am I really trying to accomplish?

I honestly don’t like working for someone and I honestly don’t like being told what to do. I do happen to like helping people and I do happen to like listening to people talk about their problems. I guess I’ll ponder that for another time.

The point is that you should never be too hard on yourself if you miss a day where you couldn’t work out. I mean… if you didn’t hit the gym then just stop right now and do quick pushups or jumping jacks. Personally, anything is better than not doing anything at all.

Kris Gethin’s DTP – Day 9

After work I wanted to go to a different gym. I texted the guy, and he said he was going to call his co-workers to allow me to come in. I drive their and sat in the parking lot waiting for confirmation. I got nothing. Great… I continue to sit a couple of more minutes hoping that I would get a text. My pre-workout is kicking in. I’m itching. I’m scratching my face off. Forget this.

I drive to Giant Fitness again, and it’s crowded. Luckily, no one was using the machines that I needed to use. I notice people looking at me, but I don’t care. I need to get this done or else I’m just going to be scratching myself annoyed. I open up my app and look at what I did last week. I decided to do pyramids this time instead of sticking to one weight set the whole way through. My legs are dying.

The person next to me is moaning. It’s annoying me. I continue on with my workout. People are looking at me. Probably wondering why I’m still at the same machine for the past hour. It’s okay. I’m just following what I need to do. After I was done, my legs were so wobbly. Walking up the stairs felt so heavy. I wanted to laugh so bad because in a way it felt amazing.

I need gym clothes. Gym clothes are expensive. I wear the same gym clothes everyday. Don’t worry. I wash them, but I would to invest in some clothes eventually after I get a new wardrobe first.


Rest, but don’t rest. Really? I could hardly sleep last night. I probably was sleeping really awkward because my legs were just hurting. I looked at what today’s “rest” day consisted of and it looks like I was supposed to do HITT cardio or just brisk walking. Great. Not only that, I woke up late. Bummer.

I’m at work walking around looking like some robot with an awkward zombie pose. Doesn’t help when customers are walking through the door and I’m in the back of the store doing a thriller walk towards them.

Upon further research, it looks like it’s actually a good thing I’m in pain. Looks like my body is going into some kind of chaos mode which is basically adapting my body so I’m able to handle heavier workouts. Sounds like I’m going through transformations each time I work out. When I look at it that way, I’m excited!

So my goal after work is to hit up the gym real quick to do intervals on the elliptical before I head out to eat with a bunch of friends!


How many times will it take to get to the center of the tootsie pop?

That was an old commercial that aired a long while ago. I never really understood it, and I still don’t understand it. But in a way, you can look at it as persistence.

We all know that achieving our dreams does not happen overnight. Rome was not built overnight. Athletes who become great and celebrities who become stars didn’t just happen overnight. They failed. They failed, but they kept trying. They tried different angles. They tried different strategies. No matter what they persisted on breaking through in doing things that most people wouldn’t do. We could do the things that great people could, but we prefer not to. We give up the moment we experience failure.

I, myself, give up. I expect results to happen immediately and when I do not get what I want. I tend to quit. Yet the beauty of being persistent is that you feel like you are one step closer. One step closer to becoming truly amazing. I wake up every single day knowing that just one more step allows me to reach where my own eyes can’t see. So if you’re struggling and if you feel like you are about to give up. Don’t. I haven’t so neither should you. I have experienced so much in life and to this day I am grateful that I am able to breathe. Breathing allows me to know that I still have a chance to accomplish something. To either make a difference within myself or to those around me.

What Have I Accomplished

I feel like my days are going faster than I realize. I feel like time is passing quickly without me keeping track of my progress in life. With me working around 12 hours per day at work, and a majority of the time is me sitting down waiting for customers. I wonder what am I doing with all this excess time that I have at the store. I could be more productive than ever, but there are times when I’m just pandering way too much. It doesn’t help that I’ve also been watching Netflix whenever I am bored.

We are always thinking that we have all the time in the world to get things done, but truth is time is limited. How do we interpret time? How do we measure it? Do we think of life as one long stretch? Or do we wake up each day thinking that we are reborn and try to live life a different way every single day?

I’m barely holding on, and the only way for me to get out of my situation is to focus on my debt. Having debt is like this huge heavy weight on your heart. It feels like you can’t breathe. It affects your relationships and it affects everything else you can imagine. So in order to get this weight off my shoulders, I need to eliminate what I can before I start investing in myself.

So far though, I’ve been very active on Facebook getting these customers in. It’s working. I should’ve done that from the start instead of taking my job for what it is. Sometimes I just need to take the initiative in order to make a business more successful.

Day 0 – My Life Down Under

Today, I wanted to just write about what’s going on my life. I realized I never really taken the time to write in a journal despite me creating blogs about my fitness journey.

Right now, I’m struggling. I am struggling to the point where I feel like I don’t know whether I can continue on or not. It makes me cry. It makes me furious. It feels like everything goes right and all of a sudden things hit the fan.

I was able to get my own car, but to find out two weeks later it broke down because of a transmission problem. It costs $1500-1650 to repair. Taking a look online to research whether it is worth it or not, I find out that the model I have is known to have lots of problems of breaking down. I end up trying to sell the car to the mechanic. They can offer only $500. Just my luck… I take there offer and still waiting for a call back.

My roommate is moving out saying something how I never clean up the house. I get more stressed because I used to clean everyday, but no one cleans up after there mess. I work 11.5 hours per day, and I’m never home. So I stopped.

The electricity bill gets cut off because my mom was behind.

I become stressed. I can’t think while at work, and my boss can sense it.

I barely have any money for food or anything. I realize that people stress more about the bills and debt because that’s what I’m doing. Taking my boss as my mentor and with the help of my girlfriend’s parents. I submit myself to God and his works while listening to the advice of others.

Becoming a Free Athlete

I was supposed to go running. I didn’t get to. I’m disappointed in myself. Even though I’m disappointed, I at least finished my body weight workouts. I’m quite proud of that. I’m proud that no matter what, I will do it no matter how much I have to pushing myself to continue. Sure… I may still have problems doing a full set of workouts at certain times, but I’m doing this for me. I’m competing against my own self so that I may become who I know I should become.

Instead of cowardly running away from challenges. I’m hoping that I can learn to embrace them. I am hoping that no matter how much I have to break my outer shell, I’ll end up looking forward to becoming my best self. What about you? If you feel like you are not getting anywhere in life, then I’d say start exercising. You may of not have exercised before or done it in so long, but just get your body to create momentum so it knows that you are willing to do anything to accomplish your dreams and aspirations.

Take a Break

It seems that everyday I wake up, people all around are so busy trying to get to their destination. No one really takes the time to enjoy the journey. We’re all competing to win the race, but we never take the time to enjoy the ride along the way.

The world isn’t getting any better, and the things that we should be appreciating we actually take for granted. I’m one of those people who failed to realize it. So as I’m out looking at the city, I’m only one person trying to accomplish my own dreams. One person trying to find out what it is I really want to achieve.

Once we get to the finish line, can we really look back and see wall that we done. Do we know what it was like when we struggled. Do we know the feeling of the pain we had to endure and the sacrifices we had to make along the way to get where we wanted to be?

Enjoy life to the fullest. Don’t let your race be a moment not remembered.