Take a Break

It seems that everyday I wake up, people all around are so busy trying to get to their destination. No one really takes the time to enjoy the journey. We’re all competing to win the race, but we never take the time to enjoy the ride along the way.

The world isn’t getting any better, and the things that we should be appreciating we actually take for granted. I’m one of those people who failed to realize it. So as I’m out looking at the city, I’m only one person trying to accomplish my own dreams. One person trying to find out what it is I really want to achieve.

Once we get to the finish line, can we really look back and see wall that we done. Do we know what it was like when we struggled. Do we know the feeling of the pain we had to endure and the sacrifices we had to make along the way to get where we wanted to be?

Enjoy life to the fullest. Don’t let your race be a moment not remembered.