Kris Gethin’s DTP – Day 22

It was that kind of day with chest & back. Today was that kind of day where I felt like I was testing my own limits.

It didn’t help that I set the alarm for 3:30AM to find myself slapping that snooze button as soon as it sounds. Sometimes I’m just lying in the dark freezing wondering if I even want to move. Yet what is it that successful people do? I’m starting to find that successful people do things that unsuccessful people don’t want to do. So that means if I’m unsuccessful and I don’t want to wake up, then I should wake up right? Guess what!? Yes, you guessed it! I went to sleep.

I then slept for a couple of more hours until I woke up around 5:30AM. Should I just workout out at night? Pondering that question would probably drain me more of my energy, so I decided to get up. If there’s one thing that I love first thing in the morning before I head to the gym is taking my preworkout. It gives me some crazy amount of energy to jolt my mind right away. If I don’t work out then I’m just going to be scratching my face off until I lift. Who knew I would love that feeling?

Upon arriving at the gym, I should have known it would be crowded. It didn’t stop me. I remember when I first stepped into the gym. I was shy and I hated being around people. Now I realize more than every, I don’t care. I actually love it! I love seeing so many different people working out. I love seeing people do different exercises and focuses on getting their gains. It just makes me motivated! Amazing right?


HRT: Hell Raiser Training – Day 2

Twice a day workouts…. nothing planned. Insane? Maybe.

I like experimenting and I like using myself to see what works so that’s what happened when I decided to add a second workout program to my schedule. I was afraid that it would be crowded at the gym, but I was surprised to find that it was emptied out. Thank goodness!

It was leg day, and I know I did leg day two days ago with my other program but I was honestly excited. Unfortunately, I had no idea how to do hack squats and I ended up doing different leg varieties on the leg press machine. Oh well. I’ll make sure to ask my friend to show me how it’s done because I don’t want to risk any kind of injury what so ever.

I was afraid that I would no\t be able to get a good workout because I did not take any kind of supplements, but I managed to pull through. My legs were on fire though, yet as I type this I feel like I don’t feel anything. Maybe because I’m constantly drinking BCAAS throughout my day? Not sure.

Upon finishing my workout routine, I wanted to hit the elliptical to do some interval training. I ended up stopping after 10 minutes. I guess I was not motivated because I ended up stopping to find my AirPod case that I lost in the gym, and it messed up my whole flow. Excuses I know.

Kris Gethin’s – Day 5

I haven’t done Jim Stoppani’s workout in a while. Don’t get me wrong, but I wanted to try something new because I felt like I wasn’t progressing fast enough doing it for a month. I like to see the fastest growth so I decided to try Kris Gethin’s workout.

I almost didn’t go to the gym simply because it was 7AM and I had work at 8AM. Did I really want to rush it? Would I even be able to complete my workout in time? Should I just go afterwards? I realize that the more you start questioning it, the more you end up not doing it. Simply because you exert too much energy just thinking about it. I ended up going.

I have to say that I absolutely love this workout program. I think everyone’s body is different and people will like different things of course. I have to admit that the workout was hard and there were times I had to take quick breaks during my reps. I ended up finishing the workout though. People just gave me weird looks because I was doing so many reps in my super sets. I’m excited to see my body transform at the end of the 4 weeks.

Today is intermittent fasting but I’m not sure if I want to eat anything since I ate something yesterday when I was supposed to be water fasting. I think today I’ll just have protein and then do my water fasting tomorrow.


I woke up to the sound of my alarm. Snooze.

I woke up to the sound of my other alarm. I laid in bed in the dark contemplating whether I should get up. At this point, I decided to not make any excuses. I drank my usual pre-workout with a teaspoon of creatine. Actually, I was a little skeptical about the creatine because I have been paranoid that my face has been bloated since taking them.

I’ve done research and there are people who says that it has happend to them and others who say that it doesn’t cause it. I’m thinking this is all in my head. I head off to the gym. It’s cold outside, but I try to not let this deter me from continuing my training.

As I walk into the gym, I’m greeted by the front desk. Rather I had to say good morning in order for him to acknowledge my presence. There’s not many people at the gym at 4:40AM. What a relief. I walk to the dumbbells to start my workout routine.

I’m not sure if I know how to do shoulder workouts or proper form. I want to ask the person next to me, but he’s too busy making faces while doing his workout. I don’t want to feel like a total amateur so I continue with my workout. I’m honestly amazed how people can lift more than 30lbs. I can do 20lbs when doing my shoulders. What a let down!

I think that this program has me seeing where my weaknesses lie. I have a lot of them, but I do feel different. I’m nto sure if it’s just me but I feel like people are noticing it too. Oh well. Workout complete.

It’s Not All About You; Engage Others

It’s a brand new week I’m off to a good start. I was able to do my running before I went to work. I was able to do my body weight training. I was able to do my miracle morning and then clean up the whole store.

So what’s my plan for this week? My plan is to be consistent with the content I’m posting but more importantly I think I want to start engaging with other people. I used to sit back and just get likes and comments. I would expect for people to like my posts, but I never replied back to people. What’s worse is that I would never comment other people’s posts either.

So starting today, I am hoping that I would spend at least 1 hour each day commenting people’s pictures or social media posts. People put effort to put content out there so the least we can do is interact. Social media was created so we connect with others, but sometimes we’re just seeking attention for ourselves only.

Becoming a Free Athlete

I was supposed to go running. I didn’t get to. I’m disappointed in myself. Even though I’m disappointed, I at least finished my body weight workouts. I’m quite proud of that. I’m proud that no matter what, I will do it no matter how much I have to pushing myself to continue. Sure… I may still have problems doing a full set of workouts at certain times, but I’m doing this for me. I’m competing against my own self so that I may become who I know I should become.

Instead of cowardly running away from challenges. I’m hoping that I can learn to embrace them. I am hoping that no matter how much I have to break my outer shell, I’ll end up looking forward to becoming my best self. What about you? If you feel like you are not getting anywhere in life, then I’d say start exercising. You may of not have exercised before or done it in so long, but just get your body to create momentum so it knows that you are willing to do anything to accomplish your dreams and aspirations.