This is Me

The fact that I am back here writing must mean that I’m doing something and I want you all to know. Not exactly. I decided to commit to trying finish my todo list. Actually, there’s so much that is happening in my life that I really can’t explain. I hope to share with you my journey as I go along. I’m just happy that I’m writing again. Sometimes we feel like we aren’t capable writers. We think that what we write won’t make sense and that no one would bother reading it. Honestly, I’m just tired of doing that.

I admit that I haven’t been doing my blogging the way I want it to. Actually, I’m not really sure if I am blogging correcting. More like, this is just my journal entry to remind me of what’s going on and keep things in perspective.

I been reading… well I been trying to read, but now is not the time to make excuses. I workout three times a day and I work 10 hours a day. I still have so much time left that I never really knew where my time has went. So here I am trying to make a daily planner. I am making a weekly planner and a monthly planner. I may not be able to tackle everything that I set out to do, but at least I can figure out what I should be doing at that exact moment.

Let me tell you something though… fasting. I fail at it repeatedly. I think today I managed to eat from 2PM to 6PM, but I ate Wendy’s and then my boss gave me pasta. Then again, I worked out 3x so maybe that would justify it. I really hope to see myself eating from 6PM-10PM instead because I tend to fall asleep if eat anything regardless of the portion size.

So I guess what I really want to tell myself is to not care about the opinion of others. Be free. Do me. Grow. Fail and learn from those failures.


To Weigh or Not to Weigh Yourself

So I’m not sure if it’s because I ate earlier or what, but I decided to weigh myself for whatever reason it may of been. I was disappointed. I was disappointed to see that my weight went back up. I’m not sure if it’s because of the muscle mass I’ve been gaining or maybe it’s because I just ate. Who knows.. but what I do know is that people go through this everyday especially when we are all trying to hit a goal.

I mean we been constantly working out, and constantly trying to achieve our goals only to find a single number to determine what we should feel and determine our self worth. Personally, I don’t think I should ever look at a scale again. It’s really a matter of how I feel inside. If I feel great then why should I let anything or anyone say anything different?

Maybe that’s just me… but if you were in the same situation what do you do? How do you determine your worth in this world?

Freeletics – Week 2 Day 4 – Pulling

So I actually wasn’t able to workout for the past couple of days. Rather, I think I was just too lazy and I’m actually just making the excuse of why I did not work out. I went to work and while I was at work, I figured I mind as well do a workout routine. Even though I started in the middle of the week, it was better than waiting a whole week to pass to do it on a Monday.

I open my app excited thinking to myself that this workout was going to be easy. After all, I had to do lunges before the main program. Easy.

After I got done, I proceeded the full workout routine and noticed all I had to do was pullups and pushups. Mind you that, pull-ups are my weakness. That and legs. I ended up taking 25 minutes to finish the program. I took so many breaks because my arms were on fire. I still managed to finish though.

No matter how long it takes you to complete something. Always be persistent and follow through.