I Told Someone To Quit BeachBody

Let me start off by telling you that I have this yearning desire to help people. For whatever reason, I can’t stop thinking about everyone in this world and how much I want to contribute. It’s for that reason I’ve joined BeachBody and it’s for that reason I’ve decided to pursue this passion.

I was at a bible study sitting down in the chair by myself because for whatever reason I was in a mood. I didn’t feel like talking to anyone for some reason. Probably because I’ve felt that people are always judging me when I’m still trying to acknowledge the fact that people are too worried about themselves then someone else.

Anyway, I was sitting down minding my own business when a friend of mine introduced me to someone. Without realizing it, I was talking nonstop about personal development and aspirations, and getting to know the other person. Without realizing it, I was making an impact and inspiring someone who needed to inspired and motivated.

To cut the story short, they decided to sign under me as a discount coach. They wanted to better themselves, and I wanted to help them achieve that. Come to find out that I wouldn’t be able to spend much time in helping them develop individually.

Two weeks later, I decided to tell them to quit BeachBody and get their refund. I didn’t want to drain someone’s money who was solely relying on you to help them make a dramatic change in their life. I could hardly meet the person on a day to day basis let alone on a weekly basis. This isn’t what I wanted. We could be using the money in gas and hanging out, and doing personal development stuff together instead.

So that’s that… I love BeachBody and I’m still a coach. But I genuinely want to help people first and improve their life before handing them some sort of product to help others.

You Are the Difference

We feel like we’re alone. We feel like there isn’t anyone who actually cares about our well being. That no one loves us and no one understands us. But if dig a little deeper, the only person who can love you the way you want to be loved is yourself. You give yourself to the power to choose to love and feel loved. You choose to care for your well being whether it would be through exercise, prayer, or personal development. No matter what, you should not feel like you have to raise your standards so you can impress the people you don’t really get along with. Get along with yourself first. Love yourself first. Everything will follow suit afterwards.

You’re Going to Fail

I think that we misunderstand what it means to fail. I used to look at failure as some sort of disease. As if failure was the end of all things, and that you do not deserve to show your face in public. I think I’ve learned within 2016 is that failure sometimes brings breath. It’s bring life to our own being.

Let’s say that before when I failed, I would literally not do anything. I would basically just mope around complaining about the cards that life has handed to me. I would complain to others. I would blame others. I would blame my past. I would blame my insignificant self, but failure was just waiting for me to embrace it. It was waiting for me to acknowledge it and work through the situation.

I honestly do not know what has gotten into me this year, but I’m starting to see things differently. Tony Robbins said you can’t keep hitting the same window expecting it to ope, if you were a fly. You just need a different approach. I think that line and many others, just opened my mind to a whole new level.

We all fail at some point in life, but I am starting to think that failure is my friend and not my enemy.

vLog Episode 20: Raising the Dead

Today, I was supposed to start my first day of work but I ended up not going simply because I had to go to an interview. That didn’t really pan out well because they ended up e-mailing me that the person who was supposed to interview was sick. So my girlfriend ended up picking up because today she had to go to a photoshoot.

So off we went to go to Pennsylvania to go to a graveyard for her Yuki cosplay photoshoot. It was amazingly fun, but I was freezing my behind off. I’m definitely not a winter person, but I enjoyed the day with friends nonetheless. As I’m writing this blog, I am slowly getting things together on what I want to accomplish this year.

vLog Episode 19: First 2017 Start


This is my first video posting for 2017, and even though I’m 8 days late I am still posting now.

2016 was full of turmoil and stress, but I think I’ve learned quite a bit and gained experiences from hardships. 2017 is where I want to take the burden of my difficulties and strive for progress on a daily basis towards success. I know that I will have hardships, but as long as I can maintain a positive attitude; I’m sure I will survive.

Start of a New Year

It’s the end of the 2016 as we welcome 2017 into our lives.

People will have hopes of a new year and there will be those who have doubts. I have not really spent the time to plan out what I want to accomplish in the new year. If I think about it, I never really set down goals on what I wanted to accomplish each year.

I technically just let life pass me by and I probably let go of opportunities that were staring at me in the face that I never really knew. Regardless, I’m not really sure if I’m mentally prepared to tackle 2017 just yet. I think I need to take in all that has happened in my life first. I need to see all the wrongs that happened and how have I handled it?

I want to grow to new heights, but I’m scared that I wouldn’t be able to change. That’s just me being honest. I know some of you can relate. No matter what, I want to keep trying. I hope that I can change so much within this year and I hope the same for you.

Here’s to a new year everyone! May you progress towards the life you want to achieve. May you define your own being this year. Make the best of it!

vLog Episode 18: I’m QUITTING BeachBody

I’m QUITTING BeachBody!!

We get left with two decisions in life… either to go with the flow of change or to resist it. People tend to complain about how Apple implemented the usb-c ports on the new MacBook Pros. People complained when Apple didn’t use any headphone jack ports. People complain about laws being implemented and even when policies get updated.

I’ve been uploading videos of me working out on the BeachBody programs, and I’m going to quit. I won’t be posting any more videos because the company emailed me saying that it isn’t allowed. I won’t go into detail, but I choose to try to see how this can all benefit me.

Somehow, I’ll have to change my focus and figure out another approach on how to promote my personal brand.


vLog Episode 17: Productivity & Income

For the past whole week, I’ve been so productive than I ever been for the entire year. It’s amazing how much time I’ve used. It’s even more amazing on how much more time I can use in order to make my business work.

I’ve noticed that I hardly want to watch any movies or shows lately. That all I want to do is just work on my business. I finally understand what people mean when they say that it isn’t work if you’re doing something you love. It seriously doesn’t feel like I’m working.

I know I’m roads off from financial freedom, but the joy I get from just working regardless on doing something I actually doing is so much better.

I also started branching off my ideas and started venturing in other income revenue like affiliate marketing. I’m so excited!

Body Beast Day 30: My Back Has Horrible Form!

Good evening everyone! I just got done Day 30 of Body Beast, and lately I started recording my workouts to share on YouTube. While editing my video, I have noticed that I have horrible form especially when it comes to working out my back!

It’s a good thing I have noticed before I have actually finished the whole Body Beast series. I find it amazing the little things you notice when you are watching yourself. I recommend everyone doing the same thing, which is, to record themselves doing whatever it is they’re doing.

I’m not really sure if I’m being paranoid or something, but I’ve noticed I’m starting to feel big? I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve gained weight since I haven’t checked or what. I’m just saying that for the past week, I noticed I’m walking more straight and I guess full of confidence more.

What have you guys experienced since starting the program? Noticed any difference?

Well, now that I know I have improper form it’s time to try to correct it because I’m not hitting the muscles that I want to hit!


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Body Beast Day 28: Chest Needs More Work

Bulk Chest!!

Where have you been all my life? When it comes to working out, I think the best part of my muscle I love working on is my chest. Today was no exception! It’s been 28 days since I started Body Beast, and I absolutely love it.

I mean, I can’t lift heavy weights just yet but the feeling I get after a workout is amazing. I seriously recommend people getting into it. I have a question though for those who are reading this… what if your muscles don’t sore no more? Like you been working out but you don’t get sore. Should I be worried?

I just want to make sure I’m getting a good workout even though I’m not eating clean yet.

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