Journey To $50,000 – Day 1

Listening to Tony Robbins audiobook while at the library. I am awaiting a phone call from a fitness facility stating they want to hire me after they speak to my references. As I’m listening, I have my composition book open writing down questions that I need to answer myself after some thought. I written down a schedule for me to do on a daily basis until I find a stable job. Once I get a stable job, then I will continue to modify my schedule.

What is it that I am trying to achieve? The more I start to produce action and the more I continue to learn, I feel like the answer will come to me.

I am nervous… maybe. I’m not really sure what I am feeling at this moment. I know that I definitely do not like my situation and struggling on a day to day basis. I know that there’s something out there. I know I’m destined for great things. My focus is creating my life. My focus is to achieve success by my own terms.

As I look at my schedule, it consists of:

3AM – Run

4AM – Calisthenics

5AM – Gym (weight training)

6AM – Miracle Morning

7AM – Chores

7:30AM – E-mails

8AM – Meditation

10AM – Read

3PM – Social Media

7PM – Interacting/Engage

9PM – Writing

10PM – Apply to Jobs

11PM – Articles

As I look more at my schedule, I start to question if I can really do this. How do I feel? What kind of feeling do I want to feel? I thought that by tackling anything and everything I would eventually find what it is that I wanted to do and what might work. But then I realized that I was losing focus. That by not focusing on a singular thing, I wouldn’t be able to achieve the success that I so desire.


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