Reinforcing New Habits

So I am at the library right now… I woke up a little later than I hoped, but I decided not to procrastinate and be lazy throughout the whole day. As I am finishing up my morning miracle and the rest of my to-do list, it is in my hopes that I will grow at an exponential rate. People have always said that you can’t expect to grow overnight, but I feel that you can grow in a major way if you have enough drive and motivation to do so.

If I had stayed at home, I probably would of end up sleeping. Telling myself that I can sleep for 20 minutes and everything will be okay. That I only need just a bit of rest and I will be more productive. What I found is that if I tend to lay down for even a second… I’ll just want to waste the whole day away.

I’m not really sure if it’s because of bad habits that I implemented over the years, but being at the library will allow me to stay focused. I’ve read somewhere that in order to change a habit, try starting somewhere new. You’ll eventually reinforce a new habit… supposedly.



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