Depression Is No Laughing Matter

Depression isn’t a laughing matter nor is it a thing to take lightly. A lot of us in the world suffer from sort of depression, and the people we care about suffer from it from time to time as well. Lately, I’ve been going through that and I’ve been battling my stresses trying to figure out how to keep myself from drowning.

Before I would usually just go to bed and not do anything. Now, I just need to do something. If I slow down to pause, then I start stressing out and doubting my abilities to overcome these obstacles that stand in my way. Of course, I still do pause when I’m praying etc, but other than that I try to be productive.

Don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying I’m a productive person. Tackling tasks one after another doesn’t really make me productive especially if I’m not growing into the positive direction I want to go in. If you’re down and you’re stressing out because of whatever life has given you, then I implore you to keep trying to fight that good fight that you have. Do anything besides not doing nothing. Eventually we will all end up in a far better place than where are currently.


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