3AM Head Start Ahead of Everyone

I woke up scared because I had set multiple alarms to wake me up at 3AM. I went to bed at 12AM and when I heard those alarms, I jumped out of my bed so fast and ran to every single one of them. Maybe I should buy more alarms so they can all go off, but then again I feel like my roommate my get upset.

Regardless, it is 4AM currently and I am listening to my “feel good” music as I type this blog. So far, I’m actually on a roll and feel great. I’m using this momentum to create the energy I need to complete my day. I know I won’t be going back to bed, and I have to go work an 8 hour shift before heading to Church today. I’m wondering how it will pan out…. I’m a little bit nervous because usually when I wake up around this time, I tend to go back to bed.

I’m thinking of developing an overwhelming feeling of not liking sleep at all. That the more I think about sleeping, the more I don’t want to do it. In effect, I’ll be able to sleep when it’s a necessity in order to continue my life’s activity. How much can I grow in this period of time? How much can I push myself before I hit my limits and capacity?

Here is the fresh start in implementing the habits that I need in my life.



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