Maximizing Productivity Through Stress

We all experience some sort of hardships through life. We tend to let things get the best of us as we just continuously build unneeded stress. We sabotage ourselves and because of it we limit our own potential.

I’ve been through a crazy roller coaster ride, and believe me I’m not fond of it. Or at least, that’s what I originally had thought. Through personal development and constantly expanding myself, I’ve began to grow to a level I cannot really explain. Why couldn’t I just started sooner? At least, I’m starting now…

When I experience some setback or some kind of trial, I usually just ball up in a corner and just wait for the whole thing to pass. Constantly waiting and waiting as the days and seasons passes by. Nothing changes.

The moment when you tell yourself is enough, you start to let go of all the fears that you had. You let go of all the doubts, the blame, and you find yourself facing yourself in the mirror. After all, this is your battle. This is your war that you have to deal with internally. I’ve been constantly stressed out, that I told myself that today was going to be the day where it all stops. That for me to grow and for me to change the things around me, I had to start with myself.

So for the past couple of weeks, I’ve been working and I been building up the faith that I needed to persevere. To continuously draw closer to the One who lets me know that all is well. Be productive. Be creative. Continue to do what you do, but build yourself up better than the day before. Everything will fall into place before you began to realize it.


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