You’re Going to Fail

I think that we misunderstand what it means to fail. I used to look at failure as some sort of disease. As if failure was the end of all things, and that you do not deserve to show your face in public. I think I’ve learned within 2016 is that failure sometimes brings breath. It’s bring life to our own being.

Let’s say that before when I failed, I would literally not do anything. I would basically just mope around complaining about the cards that life has handed to me. I would complain to others. I would blame others. I would blame my past. I would blame my insignificant self, but failure was just waiting for me to embrace it. It was waiting for me to acknowledge it and work through the situation.

I honestly do not know what has gotten into me this year, but I’m starting to see things differently. Tony Robbins said you can’t keep hitting the same window expecting it to ope, if you were a fly. You just need a different approach. I think that line and many others, just opened my mind to a whole new level.

We all fail at some point in life, but I am starting to think that failure is my friend and not my enemy.


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