Start of a New Year

It’s the end of the 2016 as we welcome 2017 into our lives.

People will have hopes of a new year and there will be those who have doubts. I have not really spent the time to plan out what I want to accomplish in the new year. If I think about it, I never really set down goals on what I wanted to accomplish each year.

I technically just let life pass me by and I probably let go of opportunities that were staring at me in the face that I never really knew. Regardless, I’m not really sure if I’m mentally prepared to tackle 2017 just yet. I think I need to take in all that has happened in my life first. I need to see all the wrongs that happened and how have I handled it?

I want to grow to new heights, but I’m scared that I wouldn’t be able to change. That’s just me being honest. I know some of you can relate. No matter what, I want to keep trying. I hope that I can change so much within this year and I hope the same for you.

Here’s to a new year everyone! May you progress towards the life you want to achieve. May you define your own being this year. Make the best of it!


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