Body Beast Day 30: My Back Has Horrible Form!

Good evening everyone! I just got done Day 30 of Body Beast, and lately I started recording my workouts to share on YouTube. While editing my video, I have noticed that I have horrible form especially when it comes to working out my back!

It’s a good thing I have noticed before I have actually finished the whole Body Beast series. I find it amazing the little things you notice when you are watching yourself. I recommend everyone doing the same thing, which is, to record themselves doing whatever it is they’re doing.

I’m not really sure if I’m being paranoid or something, but I’ve noticed I’m starting to feel big? I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve gained weight since I haven’t checked or what. I’m just saying that for the past week, I noticed I’m walking more straight and I guess full of confidence more.

What have you guys experienced since starting the program? Noticed any difference?

Well, now that I know I have improper form it’s time to try to correct it because I’m not hitting the muscles that I want to hit!


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