My Biggest REGRET

One of the things that I regret the most at this moment in my life is simply not trying sooner. I feel that I have never really put forth the effort in trying to achieve the goals that I wanted to obtain in life. I feel that whenever I tried to do something, I wouldn’t really give it a 110%. Parts of me felt like it was just a nice dream that was good to have. Parts of me was hesitant on whether I would succeed or fail, but the more I put things off I was all ready failing before I even began.

Today, I don’t want to feel like I wasn’t able to contribute. I don’t want to feel like I wasn’t able to live up to my own expectations. I don’t want to grow old wondering what “IF” when I could try it at this moment right now. I’m 29 years old and throughout my years to this day, I haven’t really tried to obtain the things I really wanted deep inside.

The reason why I create these blogs, the reasons why I create videos, and the reason why I try this whole entrepreneurship thing is because I want to obtain a life where I’m filled with joy. I want to be able to feel like I can pass on the kindness people have shown to me onto others. I want to be the best version I can be and knowing that I did my best.

So if you’re feeling like you have some regrets, then do something about it. Even if you’re 50 years old or more or even just a kid, just do something. Honestly, I feel that we were all made to be great and to create. So why wait? That’s the reason why I’m starting now more than ever.


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