Obnoxious Lifters & Personal Development

When it comes to personal development, I try to take in whatever I learn. I try to apply the elements and tips that “successful” people often give. To this day, I struggle with personal development either because of bag habits coming back or what have you. The habit I really have a hard time building at this moment is “patience”. I tend to have mood swings and I tend to thing negative things when I start having mood swings. Afterwards, it is basically just a snow ball effect that gets worse. How many of you can relate sometimes? Most times I’ll be trying to concentrate and then my mind starts thinking of that “one” thing that is bothering me and dwells on it.

I’ve also noticed when it comes to working out or in life in general. Sometimes, I just get so much energy that I can’t contain it. It’s like a burst. When I mean burst, I like burst with a shout or something. I’m not sure what that implies, but I can’t contain it at times. When it comes to working out I feel like I can go all out, but in reality I’m not really putting all in first. How many of you can relate?



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